“You can get everything if you are dressed for it”

I found myself rereading a series of interesting books on etiquette and bon ton, a subject I always like to tackle and explore in depth. Nothing seems to be taken for granted, one has to make the fundamental bases of “good manners” and etiquette, which is by no means obsolete despite the times. Of course, compared to Monsignor della Casa, we keep up to date, but the basics and foundations remain and make all the difference when we meet people, introduce ourselves, attend a lunch or an event, even more simply at work. In these articles I would like to address the subject in a number of ways, I hope not taken for granted. Peter and Anna Post are American “gurus” on the subject, always pleasant to reread. Today I took “ETIQUETTE ADVANTAGE IN BUSINESS” ( back into my hands, let’s see together how to start working on us at work. Knowing how to behave in different professional contexts not only makes us more pleasant, self-confident and fun people to work with, but also provides us with important tools to build solid and productive business relationships, with partners and colleagues, relationships that will help to lead us and the company towards common goals.

One of the hallmarks of a good label is that it never draws attention to itself and applies to every area, both professional and private, discretion above all. If everything is under control and in harmony with regard to the way we behave, the way we look and the way we talk, all attention will be focused solely on discussion and not on something about us that may distract us. However, if you ignore any of these factors, it is at that very moment that the focus shifts to error (“I can’t believe I just did that”). By being aware of your actions, appearance and words and working to improve your performance in all areas, you can directly improve the quality of your relationships. You get dressed in the morning and, as you look in the mirror, you think to yourself: “I’m great today!” but when you enter the meeting room that day the other people present, including your boss, ask: “but, what is she wearing?” You made a big mistake. Why? Because you have forgotten a cardinal rule of corporate etiquette: the other person’s point of view is important. Every day at work you interact with people and those actions leave impressions on them and on you.

You might think it doesn’t matter because they are colleagues or work for you but it does matter because one day they might be your boss, a client who decides if you are someone they want to work with, a potential client who is deciding who gets a new contract, a future boss who decides if you get a job or get a promotion. Business perspective. And this fact leads directly to three objectives that can help you build better and stronger relationships. The way you do things matters. Recognising that “how” matters a lot in business, leads directly to the first objective: think before you act. Too often people act impulsively without thinking.

Today we have to think about transferring all this information, ways of acting, and put ourselves in another, even more devious context: the Call. The call, this monster to which we had to adapt in this 2020 for business contacts: online meetings, online brainstorming every interpersonal exchange was lost filtered through a screen. It’s not the same thing as meeting vis a vis, but it doesn’t always replace the meeting though. However, this has introduced a new interpretation of etiquette at work, or rather has abolished all the more obvious rules of behaviour. The hairdresser? Gone the dress? Gone. Even rightly so, something has to be adapted, but why not keep rules anyway. Let’s wash, comb our hair, dress informally maybe but, let’s get dressed, let’s get back to work. makeup, is the only space where we can not wear the mask, we learn to have a presence consonant and charming even on video.



If your work requires regular videoconferencing, most likely the Zoom dress code is more relaxed but close to what you were already wearing in the office.
For everyone else, you probably only need two or four Zoom shirts, which you can wear with your jogging or leggings to look perfect from the waist up without too much conditioning. Look after your eyes and eyebrows, maybe add a few earrings or a necklace, and you’ll get a dynamic, clean and professional effect that isn’t boring or sad. Don’t live by house rules, it’s OK to wear the same things more than once, but make sure they are clean and ironed. Having one or two Zoom blouses at hand reduces the stress of being in front of the camera, knowing that you have a top that fits you, will make you feel good and give you the effect you want during your next videoconference!

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