Wedding Planner

Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.
Audrey Hepburn

Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer’s team has turned event styling into a profession. We create fairy-tale atmospheres by skilfully combining decorations, floral patterns, fragrances, textures and lighting. 


The starting point is listening and empathically understanding the inspiration and needs of the bride and groom. This leads to an exceptional enhancement of the chosen location. With Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer you will be guided towards the creation of the wedding of your dreams. From concept definition to the solid realization of every single component, we will make your wedding day unique. 

The options proposed are the result of an idea, a precise intuition, which is realized in line with the couple’s desires. This will lead to an exceptional realization of the chosen location. 

The details, coupled with careful precision, are the expression of a refined taste and are a source of inspiration for the guests’ conversation.

The Caterina Lostia Wedding Concept Agency method

Our ideas, for your wedding, start with inspiration, which is the origin of your special day. Through accurately taking care of ideas, proposals, and logistics, Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer offers you new and original concepts for your special day. Step by step, we take care of the event by selecting and coordinating the suppliers to fully put into practice our ideas. The design project culminates in its understanding: every detail is a surprise thanks to unexpected and emotional sensory encounters.

Through years of experience, we at Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer have developed a method that enables us to put into practice your inspiration for your wedding day. Our experienced wedding planners will support and guide the bridal couple through every stage in organization of their special day.

Pianificazione e realizzazione

We ensure you the constant presence of one of our experts who will support and guide you from the initial concept to the planning and the realization of the entire event. In particular, we will be at your side during:

  • Preliminary inspection
  • Creation of the mood board and design proposals for each moment of the event
  • Creation of illustrated designs for the ceremony, aperitif, reception, and other key design elements of the day.
  • Coordination of all suppliers: flowers, equipment, tablecloths, lighting, personalization, catering, bar and decorations
  • Supply of flowers and gifts
  • Creation of the day’s schedule
  • Managing suppliers during the installation
  • Designing the photographic mood

Our creative timeline

  • Inspiration

    The creation of wedding designs begins with its conceptualization and inspiration. We start by looking at sample images to select visual elements and colours that can represent our ideas. We, therefore, present them during our first meeting.

  • Development

    The second step is the realization of the idea, during which we create a detailed proposal from an aesthetic point of view, displaying all the details that will make the concept of your wedding surprising and exciting. Consistent with the proposal, we create the team by bringing together the suppliers who can best express our vision.

  • Realization

    Now the magic happens: during your special day, we coordinate the team of suppliers during the installation of decorations, flowers, and lights to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer’s management and coordination teams will make your dreams come true.

The engagement, the wedding day, and every anniversary after that. We orchestrate life’s milestone moments, capturing memories that last a lifetime. It could be a château ceremony by the light of a thousand candles.

A hundred guests promenading through a Florentine palazzo. Fireworks by pyrotechnical virtuosos. Dedicated to global events on an epic scale, we are firm believers that there are no limits to where imagination can take you.

Immersive, imaginative and set in truly inspiring locations, each wedding celebration and private party is tailor-made by our luxury party planners – an international team of special day specialists with an eye for the extraordinary.

Destination Wedding

We, at Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer, offer our expertise in wedding and destination wedding organizations in Italy. The team is ready to support couples who want to organize their wedding in Italy, even if they are not currently in the country.

Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer offers professionalism, competence, and creativity in organizing the destination wedding of your dreams while remaining faithful to our philosophy, which is based on three cornerstones.

Attention to details

We devote time and attention to every detail, from the smallest to the largest. We totally embrace the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere and experience: each moment and concept of the wedding are unique and unrepeatable.

Respect for and enhancement of the location

The culture, history, and traditions of where the wedding is set are the starting point for creating the vision of the event itself. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event production takes inspiration from the culture of the place, without distorting or exaggerating it.

Celebrating beauty

Nature and its beauty are sources of inspiration for us, and every celebration is an ode to the season, the flowers, and the fruits that the Earth offers.

Keep in touch

The culture, history and traditions of the place where the wedding will take place are the starting point for creating a vision on the event itself. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer lets herself be inspired by the local culture, without distorting or overruling it.