Tepidarium Roster – Florence

Italy is a constant discovery of hidden riches and incomparable beauty. In our own never-ending search for unique exclusive locations, we came across this typically English style greenhouse of incredible charm located in the centre of Florence. The Giardino dell’Orticultura (Horticulture Garden) in Florence is a small verdant corner just a step away from the old historic centre. Inside is what is universally recognized today as being one of the most romantic and evocative places in the city; the Tepidarium del Roster. The building dates back to 1880, when Florence hosted the first national horticultural exhibition in the Garden and decided to build a Tepidarium, a large stove-heated greenhouse for exotic plants. The work preannounced and set the standard for Liberty style; a passion for Eastern exoticism flows through every corner of the building and every individual detail reaches out in reconciliation with Nature and natural elements.
The building is rectangular with a surface area of over 650 square metres, a maximum height of 14 metres in the central nave and is surmounted by a roof that resembles the hull of an overturned ship, in a style generally used for wooden structures. The project is of particular interest for the fact that prefabrication techniques were used for the first time to produce iron parts before being mounted and assembled onsite, together with the decorative motifs in floral Moorish style.


The greenhouse is the largest ever built in Italy. Another distinctive feature of the building, however, also lies in the fact of its being used for purposes vastly different from the purpose for which it was originally built – placing it truly ahead of its time. As well as hosting plants, both in soil and pots, the tepidarium, has been used over time as a venue for exhibitions, fairs, musical and artistic events and is currently much sought-after as an original and refined setting for weddings or other ceremonies.

The location is perfect for any kind of event, but its architectural elegance makes it especially romantic and a singular backdrop for memorable parties and weddings.This open space is ideal for once-in-a-lifetime ceremonies and events, with the unique play of lights and reflections a perfect combination for any atmosphere, whether retro or modern.
Candlabras on Empire tables, tropical green plants and immense chandeliers create precious sensory experiences. An event in such surroundings, envelops itself in a rich tapestry of stylish form and colour, recalling the elegance of Liberty style and its hearkening to Nature.

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