Private Event

Elegance is the balance between proportions, emotion and surprise.

Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer’s team will support you in the realization of your private event, starting from the concept to its realization. Our attention to detail and the passion with which we plan every party will make your event special for you and your guests.

Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer’s approach to the client and working method is particularly suited to the planning and realization of private events, birthday parties, and “tailor-made” theme parties. 

We will help you design, plan, and coordinate the party as well as ensuring quality service in any Italian city. 

We guide you step by step in choosing the perfect venue, theme, and all the elements that will make your party as exciting as possible. 

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The culture, history and traditions of the place where the wedding will take place are the starting point for creating a vision on the event itself. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer lets herself be inspired by the local culture, without distorting or overruling it.