Destination Wedding in Italy – Como Lake

Italy is without doubt the ideal setting for a destination wedding with its endless choice of cities of art, enchanted villages, breath-taking nature and spectacular views. I have worked in countless Italian wedding venues and love them all, but some have that extra something special which seems to brings out the very best in my creative streak. Nestling among the high peaks of the Prealps, Lake Como, is undoubtedly one of the most popular, and most suggestive, of wedding destinations.

Apart from its natural beauty, there is the added charm of the picturesque villages that lie snuggled between the foothills and the lakeshore. Truly elegant luxurious locations. Little surprise George Clooney was bewitched by Lake Como and purchased the luxurious Villa Oleandra in Laglio.
However, water is my main source of inspiration. I love playing with images reflected on the rippled surface of the lake; waiting patiently amidst the constantly changing effects to capture that moment of magic.


Just as fascinating and stimulating for the imagination is moving from one destination to another across the lake aboard a boat in search of unusual romantic locations. That’s why one of my favourites has to be Villa Teodolinda, in Laglio, where a jetty offers exclusive access directly from the lake.
The Villa is also surrounded by a luxuriant garden, a wonderful setting for outdoor photos and a myriad of fragrances in the spring. The villa is the alleged home of Queen Teolinda, a beautiful sensitive woman, much loved by her subjects, who lived in the villa (when it was still a castle) at the end of the sixteenth century and married twice on the shores of the lake.
Another location I love very much is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, an icon of Liberty-style and spectacular Art Nouveau palazzo that evokes the atmosphere of former times; an extraordinarily luxurious building that is the perfect backdrop for suitable for more lavish tastes.

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The culture, history and traditions of the place where the wedding will take place are the starting point for creating a vision on the event itself. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer lets herself be inspired by the local culture, without distorting or overruling it.