Green events: an original way to safeguard the Planet

Every day, from every corner of the planet, cries of alarm ring out about the climate. Everyone knows by now that we can all help improve the situation, both with small daily gestures, or big gestures on the big occasion. Even the event organization sector is increasingly careful to avoid impacting the environment as much as possible.

green event, whether eco-wedding, birthday party or a corporate convention, is certainly an original way to get together and show guests our commitment to building a better world. From the choice of venue, to the menu, not to mention other key details such as invitations, planned activities, travel arrangements, wedding gifts or gadgets etc., the common factor is zero impact.

One way of referring to it, might be to call it a return to authenticity. However, despite the simplicity of an eco-wedding, or any other type of low impact event, this does not mean the event cannot be extremely chic and unique. The choice of location is fundamental. If we wish to be really green, we need to consider our guests’ carbon footprint as they start to travel. In the case of a wedding, we might think about organizing the ceremony in the same place where the wedding reception will be held. If the season permits, we might even try to organize it outdoors in order to take as much advantage as possible of natural light.

The menu deserves special attention; we prefer sustainable products and kilometre zero, wherever possible. We also keep a close eye on quantity to avoid waste, checking whether there are groups and associations nearby to distribute leftovers to, thus bringing together charity and maximum efficiency. We must also be very attentive to waste management: we organise separate waste collection and, if necessary, agree collection with the local authority at the end of the event.

Last but not least, when the event has finished, it is our job to make sure everything is cleaned and returned to exactly how we found it when we arrived. We prefer any activities planned for the event to be outdoors and activities that can bring our guests a little closer to nature. The frenzy of our day-to-day lives generally leave us few opportunities for such occasions and so these proposals raise the mood and are well received by most guests.

When it comes to choosing furniture and decorations, we make sure to favour natural materials that are as ecological as possible (leather, for example, is certainly natural, but not very ecological!). Nowadays a wide range of eco-friendly furniture is available, including furniture made from recycled products. Old tyres can become beautiful flower pots, old pallets can be transformed into elegant and original sofas. If possible, we avoid inflatable balloons, beautiful but polluting! Similarly, we choose recyclable or, better still, reusable, crockery.

Finally, we like to leave our guests a token gesture to remember the time spent together, regardless of the type of event. Here too, needless to say, there are a whole host of ideas to choose from to reduce our impact on the environment. Organizing a green event, whether an eco-wedding or low impact corporate event, opens the window on an exciting and challenging world, ready and waiting to be explored. However, if you are approaching such a task for the first time, or if you are concerned about the amount of time you can dedicate to the job, why not put yourselves in the safe and trustworthy hands of a professional expert?

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The culture, history and traditions of the place where the wedding will take place are the starting point for creating a vision on the event itself. Caterina Lostia Wedding & Event Producer lets herself be inspired by the local culture, without distorting or overruling it.